Facebook Traffic Down 10%: Shift in How People Share Photos and Stories

The latest stats from Nielsen Online show a significant decline in month-over-month unique visitors to Facebook in the US. In April, traffic fell to 22.4M uniques, down from the 24.9M reported in March. Year-over-year traffic growth decelerated from 98% to a much more modest 56%. MySpace also saw a slight decline (from 60.3M to 58.7M), while LinkedIn continued its torrid growth from 7.8M uniques in March to 8.6M in April.

Here’s the chart from Nielsen:

Compete, which also tracks only US visitors, also showed a decline at Facebook in April, though a more modest 4.2%.

While past declines in Facebook traffic have been attributed largely to seasonality, this one is a bit more difficult to put a finger on. Smaller social networks like Buzznet and Imeem that are also comprised of largely younger users showed month-over-month growth, while as noted above, LinkedIn grew incredibly fast.

Is Facebook fatigue finally upon us? In a recent poll, our readers seemed to think so, and the company appears to be quickly moving to return to was once its most alluring feature – simplicity. They are set to unveil their re-designed user profiles shortly, which aim in part to get rid of the clutter that has loaded up Facebook since they launched their application platform. We’ll see if it helps move the numbers back in the right direction when we check in on the stats next month.

[source: Mashable Social Networking News]

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