Fire Destroys Arizona Headquarters

According to the Arizon Republic Newspaper(May 6),, another entrepreneurial photo speciality business was ravaged early Monday morning by fire that destroyed its Arizona-based headquarters.We interrupt our regular Tales from the World of Photo Scanning format to share this most unfortunate news. Because the photo imaging industry is a closely-linked family it is with deep-felt sadness as we learned of this tragic loss to

Along with everyone at and throughout the photo imaging industry, we pause to extend our thoughts to Scott and Annette Crossen, founders of and their entire staff.

Since 1990, one of our greatest entrepreneurial accomplishments has been pioneering new technologies and digital imaging services which have been widely imitated. As we helped commercialize Kodak’s high speed scanning, encountered hundreds of startups and add-on extentions to existing businesses across the country and overseas as they followed our leadership. was another early adaptor of digitizing analog images. As fellow entrepreneurs, our heart goes out to Scott and Annette and we look forward to their quick return to helping scan those 3.5 trillion analog photo snapshots.

Their loss is another reminder that everyone must have a plan for safeguarding their photo memories. Whether it is a fire in your house or business, urges everybody to protect their generations of vulnerable photo memories – right now, before it is too late.

Scott and Annette, your family and employees should derive unequivocal comfort in knowing that we, along with the entire photo imaging industry, share in your loss and remain sturdily at your side to be of service and help during this challenging time. We all look forward to’s speedy resumption of business.

Respectfully, Mitch Goldstone and Carl Berman (co-founders,

[Reply to reader comment: Because all orders at are completed and mailed back the same day, similar situations are minimized].


One thought on “Fire Destroys Arizona Headquarters

  1. Gentlemen,
    Since you are urging people to have their photographs scanned as a way to protect them from fire loss, I wonder if you would take a moment to discuss what measures you have taken to ensure a tragedy like this does not happen at your facility. I ask because in this case photographs were lost forever as a direct result of sending them off to be scanned. Customers need to know that the business handling their memories has prepared for fire and is properly equipped to prevent it. Thank you.

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