Calling all Photo Hobbyists; Help Preserve Your Communities History

Through the Photo Preservation Center, we often hear about issues of preserving an individual family’s photo memories, but there is a larger picture – if you will – to consider. If your town or community has a historical society, often their archives are all analog, including decades of photographs that are beginning to fade away.

For photo hobbyists, consider pooling your resources with other civic leaders to digitally archive your town’s history. The Photo Preservation Center can assist with directing you to local photo retailers that can help digitally archive your collections of photos, film and slides and make photo enlargements and other newly printed keepsakes.

For more info and ideas on how to preserve your communities history through photographs, or even your businesses legacy through photos, send an email to:

We have a few links below with useful ideas on how you can get involved to establish a photo legacy project in your community, business or organization.

Preserving an Invaluable Photographic Legacy – Los Angeles Police Department

Preserving the Past Through Photos

Preserve Your Own Photo History: Small Shops Make it Simple

History Preservation Project

Fairview is scanning our history


Click here to access our custom Google Search to instantly get answers to any photo imaging questions

More info, see
For daily news and super-savings updates, visit their Blog: Tales from the World of Photo Scanning

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