VHS Tape to DVD Transfer – Fill-the-Box, Prepaid Service*

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If you thought having upwards of 2,000 photos scanned for $99.95 (including all free shipping) was a great deal, here is another digital service from ScanMyPhotos.com

VHS Analog Cassette Tape Conversion to DVD*

Order today, we mail

today – *Just $249.95

*Fill-the-Box service (holds up to 14 standard-sized VHS tapes)
Pay one price.


  • Flat rate, fill-the-box, prepaid service includes all S&H; pay one price. Valid only for standard VHS tape transfer to DVD (NTSC U.S. format)

If you are not sure what type of VHS tapes you have, ask us, as we still charge and there are no refunds

  • Must order prepaid fill-the-box online at ScanMyPhotos.com; no walk-in service, includes all S&H fees. We recommend you add extra signature confirmation when shipping your box back to us
  • You can only ship standard-sized VHS tapes in these boxes, which cannot be combined with any other items – no photos, slides, negatives, etc.
  • Your original VHS tapes are returned with your new DVDs
  • Pack with as many VHS tapes as you can fit (max 14)
  • Everything you need is included with your prepaid online order
  • We transfer your standard VHS tapes to DVD and return everything to you – See link for description of services
  • Order today and we mail your prepaid box today [Mon-Sat, 2pm (PST)]
Flat Rate – Fill the box VHS Tape Transfer
Special -$249.95*
*Regularly $24.95 per VHS tape, plus S&H

Click here for more info and our frequently asked questions and limit of liability and copyright regulations.

Click here to order online with our secured ecommerce instant processing.
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