David Cook Wins: Part Two, Via The Orange County Register

[reprinted from The Orange County Register]

Archuleta doesn’t win American Idol — Free photo scans for everyone anyway

May 21st, 2008, 11:48 pm by Gadgetress

Little David Archuleta did his aw-shucks best, but ultimately, rocker David Cook took this year’s title as the American Idol.

Mitch Goldstone, over at ScanMyPhotos.com, messaged me immediately admitting defeat. Early on, he was so sure that Archuleta would be the champion that he promised to offer his speedy photo-scanning service to everyone for $20 if little David won.

Mitch’s Irvine company can scan up to 1,000 photos in under 10 minutes. He usually charges $50 but plan to offer the service free plus a $19.95 handling fee.

Why was he so moved? Little David touched Mitch’s soul when he sang John Lennon’s “Imagine,” four months ago. Mitch writes:

Pictures and music are tied together. Both have a strong impact on our memories, our youth and inspire weighty emotions. David brought back John Lennon’s musical masterpiece for a new generation and we are bringing back and digitally protecting millions of analog photo snapshot memories with the same emotional impact. … When I heard David Archuleta sing John Lennon’s “Imagine” it was emotional, powerful and something I knew was going to make history.

Nevertheless, Mitch says he’s going to offer the deal to everyone anyway.

“Well, I was wrong, but due to the Live Support comments we’re receiving, ScanMyPhotos.com is extending the same reward to all AI fans… After all, David [Cook] still won,” Mitch writes.

Check out the photo-scanning offer HERE.

Click here for complete info on how to prepare your 4×6″ photos for scanning.

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