NBC Universal Studios Fire Is a Wake Up Call, Says ScanMyPhotos.com

NBC Universal Studios Fire Is a Wake Up Call, Says ScanMyPhotos.com

Whether it was the Hurricane Katrina natural disaster, the southern California wildfires from last year, or today’s tragic blaze that broke out at the back lot at NBC’s Universal Studios Hollywood landmark, we are again reminded how important it is to protect your special photo memories.

The Universal Studio’s fire damage was severe and damaged nearly 50,000 priceless video and film reels in the studios vaults. The good news is that our friends in the entertainment industry, which are regular ScanMyPhotos.com customers’ understand the necessity to back up their work. According to Reuters, NBC Universal President and CEO Ron Meyer’s said that there “there were duplicates stored at different locations.” This is exactly the type of smart planning that ScanMyPhotos.com encourages all our customers to follow – back up your photos, slide, negative and VHS tape cassette memories. Keep copies off site at relatives’ homes and an extra copy of your memories in a bank vault.

The challenge was how to affordably and easily digitally protect generations of photo memories. Today, consumers are sending their photos, 35mm slides and other images to ScanMyPhotos.com to make sure their memories are preserved.

ScanMyPhotos.com urges everyone to back up heir pictures right now. To order prepaid boxes, click here and have upwards of 1,800 snapshots scanned and mailed back the same day it is received; all shipping and handling is included for just $124.95 (buy two boxes and the third is free).

Thank you to the brave firefighters and support teams that assisted putting out the tragic fire today in Hollywood.

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