“MAKE SOMETHING” KODAK: The Picture Business is About to Experience the Newest Breakthrough in Retailing


Entrepreneurial Innovation in the Photo Industry is Flourishing

It has been a long time since there has been a breakthrough new retail shopping experience, especially within the photo industry that captures the imagination of consumers and builds the buzz that only places like The Apple Stores can accomplish.

Next week, 30 Minute Photos Etc and ScanMyPhotos.com will introduce the world to an entirely new retail photo experience – The Kodak Experience.

If anyone has been around long enough to have a perspective on pictures, it is the Eastman Kodak Company. Nobody understands photography better than Kodak, the emotions, instant results and ease-of use. Pictures are more than computer files and we are about to demonstrate that in a big way.

Photography is more than about technology. It is about capturing an experience, having fun and sharing your precious memories through hundreds of new ways, way beyond just traditional photographic prints. This new retail photo experience will simplify photography, let you make pictures instantly – directly from your camera phone, make Kodak Picture Movie DVDs with popular music, gorgeous graphics and more.

Just like at a movie premier, we expect that the raves from this new retail experience will capture the imagination of consumers and the entire photo imaging industry.

“The Kodak Experience will instantly become the showcase for futuristic technology and makes photography fun. The equipment is revolutionary – no more chemicals to produce your picture with and it is friendly on the environment too. It will be nothing short of sensational and it will inspire the entire photo imaging industry to quickly modernize the way they promote photography and process the production of picture products – from photo albums, photo gifting items and do-it-yourself photo products,” explained Mitch Goldstone, president and CEO of 30 Minute Photos Etc. and ScanMyPhotos.com

The world’s first Kodak Experience Photo Center will be ultramodern and visually alluring. It will be more like a world showcase pavilion to photography – the ultimate photo retail experience and become an instant destination location for everyone who takes, shares and prints pictures.

Pictures are really about the humanity. The emotional connections. The ability to inspire and touch the hearts of others like nothing else can. For over a century, Kodak has helped people unleash the emotional power of the picture and unlock its magic in all its glorious incarnations. The Kodak Experience Photo Center at 30 Minute Photos Etc. and ScanMyPhotos.com – located in Irvine, California will be revolutionary [click for directions].

We are just a week away from its launch and hope that you plan a visit to view the future of photography. It will inspire and stir a renaissance within the photo industry and by picture takers too.

The Kodak Experience will be the catalyst for revolutionizing the photo industry; it is about creativity with a purpose to make someone smile, cry, laugh, remember or simply, never forget. And doing wonderful things with pictures is something we should all be able to enjoy – you shouldn’t have to be a technology whiz to view and share your pictures and The Kodak Experience makes picture taking easy and fun.

The world is a better place when we get our pictures out of our devices and into our hands, into our living rooms, onto our friend’s walls and our parent’s mantels – where they belong. The Kodak Experience Retail Photo Center will make it simple: while online or at our Irvine, California photo center, you bring us the stories you want to tell and we’ll bring everything else.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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