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Due to the recent exponential expansion of new visits to caused by being on the first page of The New York Times’ business section (Aug 14), we wanted to familiarize you with the company’s longtime community, civic and pro-consumer advocacy. We have been very involved on the national level since our company was founded in 1990.

For details visit our “In The News” section.

While we are proud of our many grassroots and national programs to support important causes and pro-consumer activities, few came close to topping our campaign after “9/11” to bring 5,000 people to the Big Apple – see background

More recently, the owners of, a division of 30 Minute Photos Etc. launched what is among the nation’s largest antitrust price-fixing litigation’s – representing all merchants and retailers in our battle against Visa, MasterCard and its major member banks. Company owners, Mitch Goldstone and Carl Berman are lead plaintiffs in the Merchant Interchange litigation and post regular news and commentary updates on our blog called: – The Credit Card Interchange Report.Sphere: Related Content


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Scanning prints – inexpensively
4 hours ago by John Gordon I have negatives for the thousands of prints sitting in a waterproof box in a protected closet in an upstairs bedroom. At the current rate of scanning we’ll scan them all by 2140. I think I’m going to use this service Pogue reviewed (he …
Gordon’s Tech –

From A Photo Album To A DVD In Under $50
5 hours ago by Ryan Monahan says it will professionally scan 1000 photos for you, the same day it receives them, and put them on a DVD for $50.
It’s An Ocean –

Your Photos, Off the Shelf at Last
6 hours ago by A recipe for Toxic Photo Soup: Layer 1000 photos in a large, watertight plastic storage tub. Place high on basement shelving unit. Fail to notice small, leaky basement window nearby. Marinate, unattended, three to four years. …
Graphic Design Sage – –

A Solution for Your Photos
7 hours ago by Jennifer There was a great article in the New York Times earlier this week about a service called that will scan photos for $50 per thousand (that’s 5 cents a piece) on to a CD. This is a terrific and affordable solution for …
roving sugarbeet –

Hey, who’s that guy touching my mom?
18 hours ago by The Radish That’s my mom, the laughing blonde up front hair-slick man has his arm around. This picture is taken in Sweden, probably when my mom was about 20, traveling around the countryside working odd jobs. She worked in this cafeteria kitchen. …
The Ballad of the Radish –

Scan my photos. (bringing us film users love?)
18 hours ago by fartin on thunder Amazing? Price, for us film users? or a big possible risk? Read all about this new scanning service reviewed by the man o’ tech himself David Pogue, SCAN MY PHOTOS… beeetch. will do.
you call this photography? –

The Family Photo Album Dilemma – Maybe It’s Solved?
14 Aug 2008 by Lita It looks like David Pogue’s ridden to my rescue yet again. A few weeks back, I lamented on the fact that my family photo albums were disintegrating, and that the project to repair them looked nearly insurmountable. …
Verbosity –

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“30 Minute Photos Etc. remodels store around Kodak APEX dry printing system” (via PMA Newsline)

30 Minute Photos Etc. and, Irvine, Calif., launched what it calls “an entirely new photo retail experience,” centered around the Eastman Kodak APEX retail dry printing solution. As an “environmentally friendly and chemical free” photo centre, 30 Minute Photos Etc. also touts its energy efficient air conditioning and lighting, as well as an array of other eco-friendly solutions.

“The Kodak Experience is modern, smart, and boasts extraordinary color and professional quality photo products that you have come to expect from Kodak,” explained Mitch Goldstone, president and CEO of and 30 Minute Photos Etc. The in-store Kodak kiosks are all linked to APEX to create instant photo products, including photo books, Kodak Picture Movie DVDs, prints from camera phones, collage posters, and more.
[source: PMA Newsline]


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The WORLD’S Most Eco-Friendly Photo Center Opens

As part of our 18-year commitment to always be innovative, trend setters and on the cutting-edge of new technologies, 30 Minute Photos Etc. and announces the launch of an entirely new photo retail experience.
Visit us today at our Irvine, California retail photo center to expreience the future of photography.
We call it The KODAK Experience and it is eco-friendly and chemical free. No more film developing or chemicals, thanks to KODAK’s new APEX retail printing solution.

The KODAK Experience is modern, smart and boasts extraordinary color and professional quality photo products that you have come to expect from Kodak,” explained Mitch Goldstone, president and CEO of and 30 Minute Photos Etc.

Photography has been redefined by integrating a new way to make photographic pictures and 100s of other custom photo products. It leverages proven KODAK technology to maximize the customer experience and is efficient and eco-friendly. The new printing solutions are showcased at 30 Minute Photos Etc. and at their retail photo center in southern California. Click here for directions and more info.

“The new KODAK Experience Photo Centre showcases an ongoing commitment by 30 Minute Photos Etc. to deliver the best KODAK technology and new high-speed innovations to create an enjoyable and fun experience for consumers to do more with their pictures,” said Goldstone.

The in store KODAK kiosks are all linked to APEX to create instant photo products, including photo books, KODAK Picture Movie DVDs, prints from your camera phone, giant collage posters from your favorite snapshots and more. Much more.

As an environmentally friendly photo centre, 30 Minute Photos Etc. invites you to visit today. The new retail environment is energy efficient from the ground up – from modern air conditioning to energy efficient lighting and an array of eco-friendly solutions that helps protect the environment.

Bring lots of memory cards, shoeboxes of photo snapshots, a camera phone with saved pictures and your imagination. Then, get ready to have fun and revisit your favorite photo memories and make new ones.

Make Something KODAK.


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