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Scanning prints – inexpensively
4 hours ago by John Gordon I have negatives for the thousands of prints sitting in a waterproof box in a protected closet in an upstairs bedroom. At the current rate of scanning we’ll scan them all by 2140. I think I’m going to use this service Pogue reviewed (he …
Gordon’s Tech –

From A Photo Album To A DVD In Under $50
5 hours ago by Ryan Monahan says it will professionally scan 1000 photos for you, the same day it receives them, and put them on a DVD for $50.
It’s An Ocean –

Your Photos, Off the Shelf at Last
6 hours ago by A recipe for Toxic Photo Soup: Layer 1000 photos in a large, watertight plastic storage tub. Place high on basement shelving unit. Fail to notice small, leaky basement window nearby. Marinate, unattended, three to four years. …
Graphic Design Sage – –

A Solution for Your Photos
7 hours ago by Jennifer There was a great article in the New York Times earlier this week about a service called that will scan photos for $50 per thousand (that’s 5 cents a piece) on to a CD. This is a terrific and affordable solution for …
roving sugarbeet –

Hey, who’s that guy touching my mom?
18 hours ago by The Radish That’s my mom, the laughing blonde up front hair-slick man has his arm around. This picture is taken in Sweden, probably when my mom was about 20, traveling around the countryside working odd jobs. She worked in this cafeteria kitchen. …
The Ballad of the Radish –

Scan my photos. (bringing us film users love?)
18 hours ago by fartin on thunder Amazing? Price, for us film users? or a big possible risk? Read all about this new scanning service reviewed by the man o’ tech himself David Pogue, SCAN MY PHOTOS… beeetch. will do.
you call this photography? –

The Family Photo Album Dilemma – Maybe It’s Solved?
14 Aug 2008 by Lita It looks like David Pogue’s ridden to my rescue yet again. A few weeks back, I lamented on the fact that my family photo albums were disintegrating, and that the project to repair them looked nearly insurmountable. …
Verbosity –

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