PHOTO SOAP: How to Enhance Your Photos





What Is Photo Soap?
Powered by SM and Perfectly Clear ®

Photo Soap (SM), formerly known as Crystal Diamond Photo Enhancement, is the newest version of our enhancement process. The technology is powered by “Perfectly Clear” These are new features and new name. See what the fuss is about with the all new features:

ALL NEW: Greater Shadow Detail / Better Highlights – A core strength – brightening each individual pixel while maintaining real color with zero artifacts – is even stronger now to draw out more details in the shadows and maintain detail in highlight areas.
ALL NEW: Sharper Images – A series of powerful, unique algorithms have been enhanced to deliver a crisp-looking photo that is still artifact-free.
ALL NEW: Red Eye Removal – Red-eye is caused when the camera’s flash reflects off the veins in the retina at the back of the eye. Research shows that during the winter months, as much as 30% of photos suffer from red-eye. Using advanced recognition techniques, the presence of red-eye is automatically detected and removed. The technology is so sophisticated that it carefully retains those important glints and sparkles in the subjects’ eyes.
  • Remove abnormal tint caused by tungsten, fluorescent, Ultra Violet, and Infrared lighting
  • Restore color vibrancy to washed out and faded photographs
  • Optimize the exposure for underexposed photos
  • Apply medical quality contrast and sharpness
  • Most people won’t get the most out of their digital images due to the amount of time needed to correct thousands of photos and their lack of experience color correcting digital images, not to mention not wanting to buy the expensive programs that are designed for it. Now, in conjunction with our high speed scanning service, we offer to do the work for you and bring out your image’s true nature. Old photos will be brought back to life. New photos will look better than you thought they could.


The Photo Soap fee is in addition to and separate from all scanning charges. The price is $49.95 per 1,000 photos (no prorating, ex: if you have 1500 pictures scanned the charge is $99.95 extra).

Pay-per-1,000 option , or for one Prepaid Fill-the-Box Scanning Service box it is $99.95 per box (ex: if you order three prepaid boxes, the Photo Enhancement fee is an additional $299.85).

Questions: our the 24/7 Live Support help desk with any questions and for more info on how to order.

***We recommend you to add this custom Photo Soap to your order, especially if your pictures are older or faded.

This is Photo Soap, not restoration. For photo restoration, please visit our restoration page. The Photo Soap service only applies to exposure and color corrections of photos when ordered with our high speed scanning service. It does not fix tears, cracks or defects in the photograph. exclusively uses Perfectly Clear TM the award winning multi-patented technology to enhance your pictures. Each image enhancement is unique and results from picture to picture will differ. Every picture is corrected differently and the software may correct some images more than others. Individual results may vary.

Below sample is from our real wold example using our custom Photo Soap enhancement service after we scanned the original picture:




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