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Picnik: Free Photo Editing Site Recommended by

Having scanned millions of pictures, provides dozens of other photo imaging specialty services, including custom photo restoration and photo enhancements. However, for ordinary photo fixing, we recommend – the online services lets users crop borders, eliminate red-eye and add a range of special effects like blurring, tinting and heat-mapping to any picture.
Photo Editing Made Fun
Picnik makes your photos fabulous with easy to use yet powerful editing tools. Tweak to your heart’s content, then get creative with oodles of effects, fonts, shapes, and frames. It’s fast, easy, and fun.
Picnik now faster, with new effects thanks to pixel bender technology, Picnik Inc., Seattle, Wash., announces the adoption of the latest Flash Player 10 and its Pixel Bender technology. With the addition of this technology, Picnik will run faster and has more effects. Also, with this update, Picnik has added the ability for third parties to create new effects for use in Picnik.

Using Pixel Bender, software developers will have the ability to create new effects like Circle Splash and Ripple Blocks. Developers are able to manipulate images down to the individual pixel, at high speed, allowing for more editing and effects. Picnik supports the loading of these effects for use in editing photos directly on Users can find the new features in the


Future plans with Flash Player 10 include the addition of super high-resolution photo capabilities, more editing features and the ability to load and save photos without involving an upload to a server.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tips on Long-term Photo Preservation









[source: I3A]

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Esquire Magazine: “An Assortment of Holiday Gifts for Your Lovely Wife”

Getting ready for the holiday season, Esquire Magazine just published its holiday gift guide and is featured. We are honored and up to the challenges for helping to make your holidays extra memorable. – Those shoeboxes of pictures, waiting for the day a scanner brings them back to digital life, are no longer a lost cause. will professionally scan up to a thousand of your printed shots and transfer them to a DVD for $50. If she’s nostalgic about keeping the originals, they return those in two to three business days post-scan. ($50 per 1,000 photos,

To view the gift guide click here and see item #16.


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AP: “Analog’s Twilight: Slowly, Digital Trumps Physical”

Via The Associated Press will turn your entire stash of 1980s Fotomat prints into JPEGs. ITunes is so entrenched that we forget we once had to go to the record store. Your “inbox” now means e-mail, not some wooden container with letters on your …

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Customer Experience at



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I just got my DVDs with the scanned pictures back. What a wonderful job you people did. The Photo album looks really fantastic and the scanned photos on the DVDs are of great quality. Many compliments for your excellent service and reliability. Really, I
recommend you highly to other people who want to scan their pictures. (Actually a friend of mine recently used your services too and recommended your company to me.)

Thank you so much!!

Friendly regards,
Paul G.
Yonkers, NY

Organize and Digitize Your Old Vacation and Family Photos The Easy Way (via Wicked Good Travel Tips Blog)

Thanks to Susan at Wicked Good Travel Tips for this blog posting.


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We all have them… shoe boxes filled with prized snapshots from past adventures and family trips – smiling faces bursting with the enthusiasm of being on vacation. The more industrious of us have patiently affixed piles of precious photos into now dusty albums. Well the digital age is here and it’s time to convert all those fading photos (taken long before digital cameras become the rage) into a digitized photo library.

Check out the services of For just $49.95 they will scan up to 1,000 photos (of various sizes and shapes) into a digital photo album!! (That’s about one large shoe box packed full of photos). They also offer scanning services for slides and negatives, and do video format transfers as well. Once scanned, the original photos are mailed back to you the same day along with a DVD filled with all your images. For an additional $95 you can order a printed book of all your photo images. Read all the details and instructions for sending your photos at ScanMyPhotos. So get your photos digitized and get those smiling faces out of the drawers and onto calendars, mugs, photo books and onto your computer wallpaper!

Friday, October 10, 2008

The WORLD’S Most Eco-Friendly Photo Center Opens

As part of our more than 18-year commitment to always be innovative, trend setters and on the cutting-edge of new technologies, 30 Minute Photos Etc. and announces the launch of an entirely new photo retail experience.
Visit us today at our Irvine, California retail photo center to expreience the future of photography.

We call it The KODAK Experience and it is eco-friendly and chemical free. No more film developing or chemicals, thanks to KODAK’s new APEX retail printing solution.

The KODAK Experience is modern, smart and boasts extraordinary color and professional quality photo products that you have come to expect from Kodak,” explained Mitch Goldstone, president and CEO of and 30 Minute Photos Etc.

Photography has been redefined by integrating a new way to make photographic pictures and 100s of other custom photo products. It leverages proven KODAK technology to maximize the customer experience and is efficient and eco-friendly. The new printing solutions are showcased at 30 Minute Photos Etc. and at their retail photo center in southern California. Click here for directions and more info.

“The new KODAK Experience Photo Centre showcases an ongoing commitment by 30 Minute Photos Etc. to deliver the best KODAK technology and new high-speed innovations to create an enjoyable and fun experience for consumers to do more with their pictures,” said Goldstone.

The in store KODAK kiosks are all linked to APEX to create instant photo products, including photo books, KODAK Picture Movie DVDs, prints from your camera phone, giant collage posters from your favorite snapshots and more. Much more.

As an environmentally friendly photo centre, 30 Minute Photos Etc. invites you to visit today. The new retail environment is energy efficient from the ground up – from modern air conditioning to energy efficient lighting and an array of eco-friendly solutions that helps protect the environment.

Bring lots of memory cards, shoeboxes of photo snapshots, a camera phone with saved pictures and your imagination. Then, get ready to have fun and revisit your favorite photo memories and make new ones.

Make Something KODAK.


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