“DemystifyingDigital.com relaunches with product reviews, video tutorials, answers to digital questions” (via PMA)

DemystifyingDigital.com, Woodbury, N.Y., a site known for helping consumers make sense of technology, relaunched its website with expanded features. The new site is designed to help people who are confused by the myriad of digital decisions they have to make every day. It presents product reviews, DIY tutorials on commonly asked questions, a new section of video tutorials, and two advice areas, “Before You Shop” and “The Basics.”

“Most people are generally confused by everything digital,” said Jerry Grossman, editorial director and founder of DemystifyingDigital.com. “Given the overwhelming options of something as simple as buying a digital camera or an HDTV purchase can send even the most intelligent person into a tailspin. With so many choices out there, and with so many digital devices interconnecting, we thought it was important to give simple advice to the digitally confused.” The site continues with its band of writers and bloggers providing content aimed at different audiences. The writers include a “RunAround Mom,” “Tech-Confused Dad,” “Digital Grandparent,” “Biz Fast-Tracker,” and “Born Digital,” each of whom writes articles and blogs relevant to those consumer groups.
[source: PMA Newsline]


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