What is a Photo Index Book?

Photo Index Books Exclusively Designed by
What is a photo index book?

The photo index book is ordered along with your photo scanning order designed to help you organize and show off your newly scanned images in a more elegant manner. They are 8½” x 11″ hard cover books with 25 images per page, approximately measuring 1.5″H x 1.75″V for a horizontal image and 1.5″H x 1″ V for a vertical image. Each book is printed on thick, durable paper and printed double sided to look like a real book custom made for you. Image rotation is included with every Photo Index Book when ordered with photo scanning from
NOTE: This is not the Photo Book. For information about the Photo Book, please

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How is it different than the photo book?

The photo book is designed by you through using our templates to create a memory book of an event or special occasion. They are great for gifts or as a way to tell a story with your photos. The photo index book is designed to help you organize your photos by creating a thumbnail image of your photo along with the file name to create an easy way to catalog your photo memories.
Learn more about the photo book.
How to order

Order it when you order your photo scanning service from and we will include photo rotation at no charge. (Image rotation only included when ordered at the time of scanning)
Pay-per-1,000: $95.50 per 1,000 photos
Pre-paid Fill the Box: $134.50 per box.

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