Photo Op: President Obama Orange County Visit

How to instantly save 50% off all Kodak photo kiosk orders at [30 Minute Photos Etc.] from your photos with President Obama.

With much of Orange County buzzing about today’s visit by President Barack Obama, many local businesses are also getting involved.

At you will save 50% on all Kodak photo kiosk orders. Every person lucky enough to hold a golden ticket to attend the town hall meeting in Costa Mesa with the President has something in common. They all will have a digital camera with them.

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To help commemorate this historic presidential visit, is opening up their Irvine retail photo center to all those attending the event, or have pictures of the president, his motorcade or Air Force One. Whether the photos are from during the campaign, the inauguration or other events, bring it in.

Through March 28th, bring your pictures from the presidential visit to and instantly save 50% off all our in-store Kodak photo kiosk orders, including photo collages (see above sample), Kodak Picture Movie DVDs, custom DIY photo albums, photo announcement cards and much more. Some restrictions apply. See this link for more info on the Kodak Photo Kiosks. To redeem this 50% discount, at least one picture must include President Obama or be related to his March 18th visit. In-store discount only for Kodak photo kiosk orders, cannot be applied to online orders or custom services.

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U.S. President Barack Obama Invited to Tour

U.S. President Barack Obama Invited to Tour While Twitter is gaining momentum as an innovative tool for managing corporate communications, it can even be used to reach out to the President of the United States.

Here is how: On Wednesday, March 18th, President Barack Obama is scheduled to visit Southern California, with a planned stop in Orange County. Through the power of Twitter, a local entrepreneur is hoping that his invitation gets noticed. Mitch Goldstone, president and CEO of Irvine, Calif.-based is using 140 characters and Twitter to invite the president to stop by his retail and ecommerce photo imaging company, long known for its entrepreneurial inventiveness.

Founded in 1990, Mr. Goldstone’s company is regularly recognized for its grassroots, pro-consumer advocacy campaigns and constant reinventing of its business to improve the economy, create jobs and support the community. [See “In the News” at for more background].

Last fall, formed “Entrepreneurs Support Barack Obama,” and more recently, hosted a community-wide Inauguration Day party that was widely provided by the media, including ABC World News and CBS News.


@ScanMyPhotos How Twitter can invite President Obama to visit your company. Follow along and see if the White House responds.

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CBS-TV News [CBS 2 & KCAL 9] Profile on How to Scan Photos

Click here to watch.

Watch on CBS News

See what CBS News (CBS 2 and KCAL 9) had to say about during its Tuesday newscast.
Click here to watch
‘Scan My Photos’ Saves Space, Protects Memories IRVINE (CBS)

A disc of 1,000 photos will cost you less than $50.
If you’re looking to save some space around the house while protecting some of your most treasured memories, “” can help you get organized.Even if you own a scanner, it would take an eternity to upload the thousands — or even tens of thousands — of photos you have taken over your lifetime. “ScanMyPhotos” can place 1,000 photos on a disc for less than $50. Grabbing a handful of discs would be much easier than trying to lug boxes of photos to your car in the event of an emergency. The Irvine-based company’s impressive scanners can make discs in less than an hour, and they even upgrade the quality of your photos.
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How to Win a Free KODAK Zi6 HD Video Camera on Twitter

Been wanting a Kodak Zi6 HD Video Camera? Follow @ScanMyPhotos for a chance to win one!
It’s all about you. It’s all about preserving your special and unexpected photo memories. And, it’s FREE! is randomly providing one of our Twitter followers with a free KODAK Zi6 Pocket Video Camera. These award-winning KODAK cameras are all the buzz on Twitter and now it can be yours.
HOW TO ENTER: Just follow on Twitter and you automatically are eligible to win. If you don’t already have a Twitter account, sign up, it’s free too. Make sure to follow us at by Monday, March 16th. The winner will be announced and posted on Tuesday, March 17th. Only U.S. residents are eligible for this random drawing, no purchase necessary and retweet this link so your friends can win too. Any questions, reach us on our 24/7 Live Support help desk or email:

Good luck! – “Pictures are Everything… We Make Yours Last a Lifetime and More”

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Background from the website:
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1 Flickr – Flickr is a fun and flexible photographic universe, for everything from storing your images to socializing with like-minded photographers. TAGS: photography, social networking

2 Slide – It’s a new era for slideshows, and you don’t need a projector. Just upload images, add music, and then share at Facebook, MySpace, and elsewhere. TAGS: photography, slideshows //

3 PopPhoto The official website of two top photography magazines, PopPhoto is an awe-inspiring news source for cutting-edge photography. TAGS: photography //

4 Digital Photography Review Reviews and previews of the latest digital cameras and accessories give you the information you need to make your next purchase. TAGS: cameras, product reviews //

5 MOO If your photos are languishing on your hard drive, get a kick in the pants from MOO, offering exciting ways to showcase your prints. TAGS: cool, photo printing, photography //

6 Aviary Unzip your cat’s skin, make a frog out of metal: just two things you can do with this fun photo editor.
image editor, photoshop //

7 Corbis Browse the world’s most striking photos, including stock footage, pictures of celebrities, and royalty-free images. TAGS: photography, stock images //

8 Shutterstock Images In need of a photo? Buy high-quality images at Shutterstock, the largest subscription-based stock photo agency in the world. TAGS: photography, stock images //

9 Fotolog Photographs lead to friendship. Fotolog gives you a place to share your most obscure or brilliant images—and you may find a soulmate in the process. TAGS: photography, social networking //

10 Digital Camera Resource Page detailed reviews of cameras, with an emphasis on consumer models, from point-and-shoot Kodaks to Nikon digital SLRs. TAGS: photography, product reviews //

11 Get carried away with Photobucket: a photographer’s playground, complete with photo sharing, prints, gifts, forums, and so much more. TAGS: photo printing, photography, social networking //

12 Rock You Rock the social network with great-looking photos: RockYou provides applications for making the most of MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, Bebo, and more.

13 Nikon Cameras Stay up to date on the latest news from Nikon, producer of much-heralded cameras, scanners, and other imaging products. TAGS: cameras, photography //

14 Museum of Modern Art
Enter the world of contemporary photography, as showcased by New York City’s world-renowned Museum of Modern Art TAGS:
museum, photography //

15 Microstock Diaries
Some diaries are meant to be read: Microstock Diaries teaches you the ins and outs of selling your photos.
blog, photography, stock images //

16 ScanMyPhotos You send them a box of photos, and the pros at ScanMyPhotos scan them, all for as low as 4 cents an image. TAGS: photography, scanning //

17Digital Camera HQ It’s like a dating service for you and cameras: Learn all you need to know before you commit.
cameras, product reviews //

18 Stock up at iStockphoto, the online spot to buy and sell stock photos. Free to join, easy to use.
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19 Photodoto hotography is for everyone at Photodoto: Learn the basics of photography, hone your skills, or browse reader photos.

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‘CBS News Sunday Morning’ “Data Rot” David Pogue Profile – update

UPDATE: Thanks, David [Pogue] for your Tweet [] after your “CBS News Sunday Morning” segment. [Article].  Great job and we’re loaded with inquiries. You really identified an important and urgent issue for having people solve their “data rot.” 
Readers, please visit our main site and updated blog at Tales from the World of Photo Scanning
Click here to read David Pogue’s Personal Tech New York Times column [“Your Photos,  Off the Shelf at Last”]
To instantly save 10% – up to $25 – off all online ordered services, on the checkout page enter this promo code: Twitter.
Any questions, reach us 24/7 on our free live support help desk.
[graphic: CBS]
Dear friends,

You may have known that over the past seven months, “CBS News Sunday Morning” was producing a segment profiling how to preserve your photo and other analog memories. The Cover Story by reporter David Pogue aired this morning, but, last evening we unfortunately were advised that due to editing the show, much of the interview and presentation on how we do our magic ended up on the CBS News cutting room floor.
The challenge is, in anticipation, we significantly expanded our infrastructure, staffing and built a fresher, more advanced website to handle this nationwide exposure.

YOUR HELP IS NEEDED: Because we are still linked on the CBS News site as the source, please share this update with your relatives and friends so they too can enjoy and our newly enhanced photo imaging and archival services. As you may have seen on the program, there is an urgency to digitize your old photos and make new memories from all our other new services, including our Kodak photo kiosk products.

TELL A FRIEND: Your personal support is so appreciated by everyone at Our entire Internet operation is open today and ready to take orders.

Thank you!
Mitch Goldstone – president & CEO,

[We added back the buy 2-get-3rd prepaid photo scanning box, a $124.95 savings, and use this promo code (“Twitter”) at checkout to instantly save 10% (up to $25) on your next online placed photo scanning project].

The CBS News Sunday Morning” TV cover story
by reporter, author and NY Times tech columnist, David Pogue discussed “data rot–the tendency of new technologies to abandon recording and computer formats faster every year, leaving more and more audio, video and computer files behind.”

“Data Rot Sooner or later, it affects every audio recording, every video recording and computer file. Contributor David Pogue looks at what happens when technological progress leaves your most precious memories and recordings behind. Remember when you replaced that old film camera with that brand new videotape camera to record the treasured moments of your life? Well, where are they now? Does that camera still work? How about that old VCR? Have you graduated to DVDs yet? It’s funny how technology can promise us the world and then take it all away with the next generation of contraptions. Sunday Morning contributor and New York Times technology reporter David Pogue will explain how we can preserve our precious memories in our Sunday Morning Cover Story.”

more info on profiled organizations:
Computer History Museum
Library of Congress
New York Public Library





*DID YOU KNOW: The famed trumpeter Wynton Marsalis later recorded another version of the theme, also on a piccolo trumpet, which is currently in use for the introduction to CBS News Sunday Morning.

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[source: CBS] 

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From the CBS website: