U.S. President Barack Obama Invited to Tour ScanMyPhotos.com

U.S. President Barack Obama Invited to Tour ScanMyPhotos.com While Twitter is gaining momentum as an innovative tool for managing corporate communications, it can even be used to reach out to the President of the United States.

Here is how: On Wednesday, March 18th, President Barack Obama is scheduled to visit Southern California, with a planned stop in Orange County. Through the power of Twitter, a local entrepreneur is hoping that his invitation gets noticed. Mitch Goldstone, president and CEO of Irvine, Calif.-based ScanMyPhotos.com is using 140 characters and Twitter to invite the president to stop by his retail and ecommerce photo imaging company, long known for its entrepreneurial inventiveness.

Founded in 1990, Mr. Goldstone’s company is regularly recognized for its grassroots, pro-consumer advocacy campaigns and constant reinventing of its business to improve the economy, create jobs and support the community. [See “In the News” at ScanMyPhotos.com for more background].

Last fall, ScanMyPhotos.com formed “Entrepreneurs Support Barack Obama,” and more recently, hosted a community-wide Inauguration Day party that was widely provided by the media, including ABC World News and CBS News.

TWITTER MESSAGE [www.Twitter.com/ScanMyPhotos]:

@ScanMyPhotos How Twitter can invite President Obama to visit your company. Follow along and see if the White House responds.

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