Google Wave: Redefining How You Share Photos and Stories from


This is the next new, new, application once your thousands of photos are digitized at Share your memories with friends and relatives and create a new community to discuss and laugh as you reminisce.

Google Wave is a new tool for communication and collaboration on the web, coming later this year. Watch the demo video below, sign up for updates and learn more about how to develop with Google Wave. Google Wave can make you more productive even when you’re having fun.

A wave is equal parts conversation and document. People can communicate and work together with richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps, and more.

A wave is shared. Any participant can reply anywhere in the message, edit the content and add participants at any point in the process. Then playback lets anyone rewind the wave to see who said what and when. With live transmission as you type, participants on a wave can have faster conversations, see edits and interact with extensions in real-time.

Unlike online forums, Google Waves reflect changes in more or less real time: You can see responses appear from Wave participants as the typing occurs, network latency permitting. There is, however, an option to show a reply only after all typing has been completed.

Google Wave will be available this fall and check back often for regular updates. We are so excited and look forward to incorporating this brilliant new Google tool to compliment your photo scanning orders.

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APS, 35mm Negative, Medium Format Scanning to DVD, New Lower Prices, Intl Service

All Scanning is completed at our Southern California headquarters in Irvine, CA. Most orders completed the same day and full international delivery service is our speciality at

Trust to preserve all your 35mm color or black & white negatives onto digital DVDs. Your negatives are scanned at 2000 dpi (5MP) with higher resolution files available at a higher cost.

International Service – Most Orders Completed Same Day

Now just $0.39 per exposure, includes one complimentary DVD Data Disc. Most orders are completed the same day and returned internationally, along with your original negatives and the new digital files.

REQUIREMENTS: Your standard 35mm negative strips must be at least two negatives long and we must scan the entire strip. We cannot selectively scan negatives on a strip (ex. frame #3a, #6A); it’s the entire strip that must be scanned. You can easily order additional photographic prints at the time the order is placed from our online pro lab ordering service.

We color and density correct and enhance each image using Digital ICE. (Note: Digital ICE cannot be used with B&W film. These negatives will be scanned without Digital ICE).

NEW: For $0.74 per exposure, have your negatives scanned at 4000 dpi creating a 16MP equivalent file. Best for museum-quality archival purposes. For this service, check the appropriate box on the order form of additional services.

PACKING INSTRUCTIONS: If you have your negatives in sleeves, please leave them in the sleeves. This helps protect your negatives from damage from shipping. If they are not in sleeves, we recommend placing them in a standard envelope to help keep them protected during transit. DO NOT FOLD YOUR NEGATIVES. This will render them unscannable.

Ready to order? Click here to download the 35mm negative and APS film scanning order form.

APS – Kodak Advantix, Advanced Photo System Negative Scanning
The same service and options as 35mm film scanning but APS film is $9.95 for per roll, regardless of exposure count (15, 25 or 40 exposure). Due to APS’ smaller film size, file sizes are smaller at the same resolution when scanned, compared to 35mm film.

When scanning APS film the entire negative is scanned regardless of what you shot the layout to be. The way APS film worked was it always shot a 4×7 proportionate negative and then would be cropped accordingly when printed. We scan the entire negative that was shot and ignore what the setting on the camera was at the time of the picture giving you the full image.

PACKING INSTRUCTIONS: APS film is self-contained in the canister. Please do not remove or attempt to remove the film from the cartridge.

NOTE: While this occurs only occasionally, we have found that over the years, some places decided to process and print APS film but did want to make the investment into the required equipment to do so. These labs would remove the film from the cartridges, tape it to a card and process the film. Unfortunately, when you use this process, you have to cut the film and official APS film printers/scanners require a very specific minimum length of film. If it is even the slightest bit short, it then becomes unprintable/unscannable with the proper equipment, which we have. Sometimes labs would get lucky with their cutting, however most of the time, it was cut too short for official equipment. Since we don’t have any other way to scan APS film, we are unable to scan those rolls and will be returned with a note.

Click here to download the 35mm negative and APS film scanning order form.

Medium Format Negative Scanning
We can scan single cut or strip cut medium format. Pricing for single cut or cut rolls is noted below. As with standard 35mm negatives and slides, all scans are processed with Digital ICE to color correct and remove dust and scratches that may be present. Standard scanning of medium format is done at 1000dpi. High-resolution scans are scanned at 2000dpi for double the cost. Due to medium format’s larger frame, we can scan them at a lower resolution resulting in high quality scans when compared to standard 35mm. You can easily order additional photographic prints at the time the order is placed. 6×4.5, 6×6, 6×7, 6×8, or 6×9 format only.

PACKING INSTRUCTIONS: If you have your negatives in sleeves, please leave them in the sleeves. This helps protect your negatives from damage from shipping. If they are not in sleeves, we recommend placing them in a standard envelope to help keep them protected during transit. DO NOT FOLD YOUR NEGATIVES. This will render them unscannable.

Medium Format Scan Prices (cost per frame)


Click here to download the medium format scanning order form.


Starbucks® Scores “F,” Stifling Innovation, Says Entrepreneur

Stepping back from our regular Tales from the World of Photo Scanning updates and profiles on the photo imaging industry, as well-known entrepreneurs and photo industry leaders, our success at has been based on innovation and stirring up new ways to reinvent our business, ever since we were founded in 1990.

This is why the recent nationwide Starbucks Coffee Company ad campaign raises such interest. “It’s Not Just Coffee. It’s Starbucks” ad campaign indirectly and precipitously assaults another American institution, McDonald’s Corporation. The poorly conceived ad campaign by Starbucks warrants a response, especially from entrepreneurs.

The copy editors who wrote this ad have a short memory. While they explain that Starbuck’s products are not “a hobby or a potential new ‘revenue stream,'” they conveniently forgot about its prior head-to-head battle against McDonald’s for quick, hot breakfast sandwiches to compete against McDonald’s McMuffins.

Mitch Goldstone, president and CEO of, and a longtime consumer advocate said “the Starbucks campaign is stifling competition and thwarting innovation and entrepreneurial inventiveness. Today, more than ever, smart businesses are incessantly reinventing themselves. That is exactly what McDonald’s is doing with it’s investment with its McCafe brand. However, by assaulting competition, Starbucks, the global coffee purveyor, is instead cheapening its brand.” salutes McDonald’s and its drive to heighten its product categories. They are employing thousands of people and supporting many new businesses that are connected with this new product launch. That is a good thing. However, this campaign which is frightening consumers and warning them, without directly mentioning McDonald’s that “their coffee may appear less expensive. But, buyer beware. It’s the hidden costs that will get you in the end,” is anticompetitive and wrong. Besides, according to the ad, about 66% of all Starbucks beverages cost more than $2.00.

The result, from our prospective is that the new campaign undermines and compromises Starbucks integrity.

Good bye Starbucks, hello McCafe!


News item: McDonald’s® McCafé® Perks up Coffee Lovers Coast-to-Coast

More information on

Did You Win? The Ten Photo Scanning Winners From Are…

Loads of free swag was just provided to ten people following @ScanMyPhotos on Twitter. just randomly announced the first ten winners to receive a combined, all-inclusive photo scanning package worth $3,499. We are contacting the winners now and will be mailing out the certificates with complete redemption information on Monday. Hope your name is listed below!

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Congratulations to the winners. After your completed free order is returned, won’t you please share your feedback from your experience with Let others, and us know how you enjoyed the service. To assist, you can always reach us at our free 24/7 Live Support help desk.

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4 Duplicate DVDs (total 5 DVDs of your order)

Up to 300 4×6 Kodak prints that you order from our online photo printing service (pay for return S&H)

FedEx Ground return with free signature confirmation

1 FREE professional Photo Restoration (up to $159.95 value)

Photo Index Book and Image Rotation

1 Year of Extreme Backup SM

Photo Soap SM to custom enhance your older, faded photos

Scan in Order

Total value: $635.72, regular price: $349.95, regular savings: $285.77. Your price: FREE

Another random contest will be announced shortly. The ongoing other contest just for following @ScanMyPhotos for another free Kodak ZI6 HD Digital Video Camera will be announced on May 20th. Click here for more info.

For more info on this contest, please click on this link.

Gadgets We Want to Give Our Moms 10 (Via

More raves.
Thanks to Sean Captain at, one of the leading gadget and tech websites for including as one of the 14 recommended gadgets to give to Mom. The Editor’s Pick and also the Most Popular article right now at Switch is the one mentioning We’re cheering too!

“9) ScanMyPhotos OK, so maybe you’re a good nerdy child, you’re getting mom all electronic with a digital camera, digital picture frame, camcorder and heck maybe even a Facebook page. But mom has spent decades accumulating memories in analog form-such as the thousands of photos sitting in the basement of in yellowing, cracking picture frames. No matter how much you love mom, you’re probably not going to take a week off to scan all her photos by hand. So hire someone. makes it easy-offering 1,000 scans to 300-dpi JPEG images on DVD for a scant $50. You’ll have to spend some time sorting the pictures by size and bundling them up for shipping. But once you do, your work is done. $49.95 for 1,000 scans;


Delta Air Lines, Inc: An Entrepreneurial Innovator

Yes, Delta Air Lines’ primary business objective is to safely get passengers to their destinations, but the story behind how they do it is a masterful entrepreneurial case study.

From the tens-of-millions of pictures that digitizes, every order has something in common with airlines; travel pictures are regularly included within each order and create much of the treasured memories that become lifelong photo keepsakes. [Separately, Dan Carp, Delta’s board chairman is an old time friend and the inspiration behind our success and reason we too constantly innovate our business model. Based also on Mr. Carp’s prior leadership as the Eastman Kodak Company’s CEO, it is no surprise that the airline is also so resourceful and steadfast in its resolve to always be creating new ways to be more efficient.]

Earlier this week, I attended the Kioskcom Self Service Expo in Las Vegas and experienced one of those educational lessons where you do not want it to end and take voluminous notes and garner inspiring ideas from. The visionary keynote speaker with sprightly ideas was Josh Weiss, Managing Director of

Just as how my company advanced from its early days – back in 1990 when we just developed film and printed pictures – into today’s international photo imaging ecommerce business and retail presence, Delta Air Lines, the world’s largest airline, also is an entirely new company today. As is in the picture business, Delta Air Lines is all about airplanes, but it is what is behind how they do their magic that sparks real innovations.

From Mr. Weiss’ presentation, it is clear that the airline is much more about convenience than just flying passengers to destinations. Delta Air Lines has designed the world’s most appealing and friendly interactive kiosk service and Ecommerce online solutions to speed up passenger experiences. They are constantly innovating. Just thirteen years ago, there were no kiosks in use by the airline, today, nearly 80% of all passenger transactions are placed from the electronic terminals rather than at the ticket counter.

Just as how we use our banks of Kodak photo kiosks at our Irvine-based retail photo center to compliment every customer experience, Delta Air Lines also is simplifying and improving their passenger’s encounters.

Their objective is to keep customers happy.

An example is a new iPhone application that displays an electronic barcode boarding pass which is scanned at the gate – no more wasteful paper tickets. Today, customers at Delta gates experience literally no waiting due to the new Delta kiosks which interact with passengers and cause the airline’s employees to step out from behind the counter to personalize the ticketing experience and interact more as friends than robots.

Mr. Weiss explained that to further simplify the kiosk experience, even though there are multiple language selections, they made it super-easy. The proof is that rather than an “Order Now” prompt, the call to action has been minimized to just one word: “Start.” They made things really simple. At we will follow that lesson by also simplifying our order prompts to just: “Start.”

These are shrewd lessons for all entrepreneurs to question how you too can constantly enhance your customer experience, while always be thinking and changing the way your company does business. At Delta Air Lines, nothing is stagnant and they are always inventing the next new service feature. Their commitment to passenger check-in kiosks is central to why Delta Air Lines is so entrepreneurial.

Each kiosk boasts plenty of personal space for luggage. They even position the kiosks to minimize any distractions for shadows caused by glare from outside sunlight. As for the airline’s self-service and Ecommerce business. I asked Mr. Weiss how he integrates social network marketing and Twitter into their business. He explained that when a corporate message is posted, there is not the same level of credibility as when it comes from a customer. There is more value when a message comes from peers, rather than just from his department. When sends out a message they might get a handful of replies, when it comes from customers, dozens of responses are generated.