A KODAK Moment on “The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien”

[Photo: Jeff Hayzlett sitting in Conan’s seat on the set of the NBC’s “The Tonight Show”]

[Photo: The KODAK family and guests posing for our “15-minutes.” Carl Berman
is 4th from left, Mitch Goldstone 6th from left]

[Photo: Mitch Goldstone, president & CEO of ScanMyPhotos.com on the NBC set]

[Photo: Carl and Mitch at Conan’s desk]
 [Photo: Host and amazingly nice guy, Conan O’Brien with Jeff Hayzlett (“the modern day George Eastman” KODAK’s Chief Marketing Officer afterwards on the roof at the Universal Studios set for the KODAK party].
For anyone questioning the power of the KODAK brand, watch this Conan O’Brien video [about 12 minutes in] and the Kodak plug on “The Tonight Show.” In a humorous sketch parodying product placements in TV shows. In the clip, O’Brien is shown demonstrating and endorsing the Kodak M380 digital camera, all the while denying — with tongue firmly in cheek — that this was a paid announcement. The sketch concludes with a voice over from the “NBC legal department” explaining the product placement deal.

And now for a ScanMyPhotos.com connection. We were there. Thanks to Jeff Hayzlett and the KODAK family, Carl and I join in the fun and attended the show and after party. We were cheering from our seats watching it live and then reading all the Tweets throughout the evening and at dinner afterwards to @JeffreyHayzlett raving about the segment.


[Photo: Mitch Goldstone and Carl Berman, founders of ScanMyPhotos.com with Mr. O’Brien at the after-party following the taping of Tuesday, July 21st “The Tonight Show.”]