Data Recovery: How to Recover Your Lost Digital Files


We have all experienced it, the panic that one feels when you accidentally hit “Delete All” instead of “Delete Image”. Perhaps you insert your card into your computer and it says, “The disc is not formatted, would you like to format now?” The most important thing to remember is if you’ve lost your digital images, DON’T PANIC. Stop doing anything more to the card.

You made the switch to digital to preserve your photos and now they are gone. can help. Send us your media and let us try to recover the files for you instead of losing hope that your European vacation is lost. searches your media at a low level to recover and rescue corrupted or lost data from damaged, unreadable, or defective disks. We are optimized to recover your photo image data but can also recover data and movie files. In some cases, we can even rebuild pictures that have suffered minor corruptions.We can recover data from:, headquartered in Irvine, California will place your recovered files onto a DVD data disc and return your media card with the DVD. While data recovery is not guaranteed, if your card is damaged, corrupted, or has been formatted, is the best data-recovery solution you can get for your lost photos. See pricing below.

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How to Reinvent the Photo Industry

 Thanks to New York Times reporter, Sarah Lyall (@SarahLyall) for her August 1st front page profile on Ryanair CEO, Michael O’Leary. The smart lessons make for a Harvard case study on how every industry must refocus how they operate and manage growth. This month, Delta Air Lines is profiling in Delta Sky, it’s in-flight magazine, so there is a connection between us and the airlines. Neraly 15-million worldwide passengers will read this “Editors’ Pick profile.

Just like the transportation business, the photo industry is ripe with failures. Rather than fuel being the transending inconvenience, for us it is technology and the transition from film to digital that has burdened our business. It is possible, and we proved it, about how to instantly reinvent the photo imaging industry; it took us 19-years, but the results are now transparent.

Mr. O’Leary’s message is a salutable model for every business. To reinvigorate and reengage customers requires a new approach. Pricing, technology and instant service is paramount and augments an uncompromising commitment to professional quality. Just as travelers want to safely arrive at their destination and not pay a premium price, has equally pioneered a new way of thinking about pictures.

There are 3.5 trillion analog photos tucked away in shoe boxes. These fading memories must be shared, preserved and repurposed for today’s all-digital computer world.

For Mr. O’Leary, it went as far as charging for in-flight lavatory use. When asked what happens if “the plane were stricken by some nasty, effluent illness, like food poisoning? A snorting noise wafted over from the chair where Mr. O’Leary was sitting. “We don’t serve enough food for everybody to get food poisoning,” he said.”

At, we recognized that millions of domestic and international picture-takers also want no-frills service, but, Ritz Carlton-like service. The KODAK slogan is “you press the button, we do the rest” and that too has been our principle motto. We provide the basics, plus a menu of hundreds of other ways to share and save photo memories. Once the images are digitized, we provide the magic that enables consumers to jettison how they historically thought about pictures; especially those memories from decades and generations of favored photographs.

There is a flourishing opportunity to recast how the photo imaging industry thinks about pictures. At the forefront is, which is constantly using our entrepreneurial might to develop new ways to share and preserve those memories. For a menu of photo products, see

Like Ryanair, since 1990, our business has always had shock value, but in a remarkable way; orders are completed and returned faster than it takes to find your seat on an airplane. It is the magic behind what we do and how we dazzle our customers that has caused such raving reviews, from The New York Times Personal Tech columnist, David Pogue, to the scores of other news profiles. A key value proposition is also our free 24/7 live support help desk to instantly solve most photo imaging questions [give it a try].

The backstage secret: Always trust KODAK technology, it has been a boon to our business. We are even recognized by Web100 as the sixteenth best photography Web site. It is back to the future as tens of millions of analog photo snapshots are instantly being digitized to share and preserve generations of family memories.

There is an urgency to digitize photos, slides and negatives before they fade away. We are the pioneers of super-fast and affordable scanning (less than $50 to scan 1,000 photographic pictures in minutes) by commercializing all types of KODAK technology.

Organizing and sharing photographs has never been simpler or more necessary as thousands of new iPhone, Internet and retail photo lab applications are driving demand to revisit pictures. Photo scanning is reinventing and growing the entire photo imaging category and we are honored to play a key role. Because of our international stature, the company regularly travels the world in our quest to educate and invent new growth opportunities. During the next few months, we will traveling to Italy, Greece, Egypt, Germany, New Zealand and Australia. The company has been a longtime and active member of the Photo Marketing Association for nearly twenty-years.

By solving the biggest problem in photography, bulk photo scanning is fast, effortless and affordable. Send your photos, or order online the prepaid, fill-the-box service that holds about 2,000 photos from which includes same day service and completely free shipping for just $124.95 (buy two boxes and the third is free).

Scanning is also revitalizing the entire photo imaging category. Once pictures are digitized, consumers are ordering reprints, giant collage enlargements, custom photo greeting cards, photo albums and dozens of other products online at and at its retail photo center, which exclusively promotes KODAK photo kiosks, printed on the new KODAK APEX eco-friendly dry lab system. There are also thousands of independent KODAK photo kiosks located throughout the country and abroad.

Los Angeles Magazine’s “Best of LA” August issue featured as “the country’s leading source of quick scans” (p. 113). Nearly 15-million airline passengers will also be reading about in the August issue of Delta Sky Magazine, which selected for it’s “Lifestyles Editors’ Pick” profile (p 39). Learn more from our hundreds of blog postings at Tales from the World of Photo Scanning and on Twitter. International is a division of 30 Minute Photos Etc., founded in 1990 by Mitch Goldstone and Carl Berman.

Pictures are everything, we make yours last a lifetime and more. Thank you for trusting us to help preserve and share your memories.

Mitch Goldstone
President & CEO


Delta Sky Magazine’s “Editors’ Pick” Profiles

The business and lifestyle publication, Delta Sky Magazine is read by millions of airline passengers around the world. In August, Sky is profiling as it’s Editors’ Pick,” See link.

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35mm Slide Scanning

@ScanMyPhotos: Since 1990: Same day, individual hand scanning, color correction of 35mm slides with Kodak Digital Ice at 2000/4000dpi –

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Photos Must Be Protected From Natural Disasters, Says

Corporate News Release From
(Irvine, CA) Expanding on the theme of National Preparedness Month (NPM), one company is not waiting until the annual September event to issue an urgent recommendation to encourage people to take action and prepare for emergencies year-round. NPM is a nationwide effort sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security’s Ready Campaign to increase awareness for preparing and to effectively deal with emergencies and natural disasters.

As an associate member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), is urging people to have their hard copy photos scanned and backed up now. president and CEO, Mitch Goldstone, said that “In advance of National Preparedness Month it is important to remember that beyond gathering survival items when preparing for natural disasters such as fires, hurricanes or earthquakes one should also focus on the irreplaceable items in the home.

What is your backup plan?
It is often forgotten that in the aftermath of a disaster, your insurance will cover replacement of possessions that have a monetary value, but items with emotional value can never be replaced. Those shoeboxes of family photos tucked away in your closet or attic are often overlooked until it is too late.”

“Preparing for a natural disaster is a year-round imperative,” explains Goldstone who said, “In an instant, when disaster strikes, you risk loosing precious photo memories. Family photographs document our lives in a way that material items cannot. Once those photos are destroyed, that part of the family history is lost forever. Family photos can also be ‘lost’ due to neglectful storage, sun exposure and actual time. Printed photos will never last forever, they have a very real shelf-life and they deteriorate a little more everyday. Making digital copies slows this process and also preserves them when faced with a natural disaster.”

Because of new photo imaging technology, no longer do you have to individually scan every photo. That daunting taste has been replaced with ultra-fast and affordable bulk photo scanning using Kodak technology and performed by photo imaging industry professionals with same day return. Your photos are digitally scanned and saved onto DVDs allowing you multiple off-site backups. also offers its secure Extreme Backup plan for independently archiving all your images assuring the client total photo preservation.

According to, there are several reasons to back up your photo memories during National Preparedness Month:

1) Off site storage in case of a natural disaster.
2) Family divorce or relationship separations (duplicate copies solve ownership issues)
3) To halt the ongoing fading and discoloration.
4) Easy sharing photo copies with others.
5) Making treasured photo gifts for anniversaries, birthdays and more.
6) Giving a real ‘face’ to a family tree genealogy project.

Los Angeles based CBS -KCAL Channel 5 News wanted to know more about this process, and recently featured showing every step in the speed-scan process from the company’s California headquarters.

Background: The history of and affordable bulk photo scanning services: Founded in 1990 as a boutique retail photo center, the company is headquartered in Irvine, California. Today, and its digital imaging retail photo center also operates a nationwide online photo ordering service that regularly makes national news for its leadership, entrepreneurial innovations and super-fast service. The company provides hundreds of photo imaging services. Years ago, the division commercialized a new type of ultra-fast Kodak photo scanning technology to safely digitize and preserve tens of millions of millions of photo snapshots. Popular Photography called a “leader in digitizing prints,” the company has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today. Click to read David Pogue’s Personal Tech review in The New York Times.
The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) is the leading professional organizing authority dedicated to helping individuals and businesses bring order and efficiency to their lives. NAPO helps individuals or businesses conquer clutter and chaos with advice and insight on organizing as well as a way to connect with the most valuable organizing resource of all——the professional organizer. NAPO provides a variety of courses, business resources, and networking opportunities, especially through its
annual conference and educational teleclasses. is a NAPO associate member.

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We have all heard it a thousand times ‘be prepared for The Big One’. And ‘The Big One’ varies from area to area. It is an earthquake, a fire, a tornado, a flood or even a home robbery. We hear about it. We talk about it. And we think about it …but when it comes down to it, just how prepared are you?

September is

But, sitting in front of your computer and scanning these photos one by one can a painfully slow process, even taking months or years to complete. It just isn’t realistic. Fortunately there are services like which make backing up your hard copy photos easy and affordable with their ‘speed-scan’ process.
Marcy Massura. A humorist, writer and actual customer of ScanMyPhotos. As well as a huge fan of being prepared.
A sturdy and secure box arrives at your home, which you can fill with your photos (approximately 2000 per box) and you return to on your own time. ( pays for postage all three ways).
Once received, the photos are professionally scanned and returned to you the same day. There are also hundreds of other photo imaging products available from You receive your original photos back and new digital DVD data discs. Request several copies to share with relatives or to store off-site in multiple locations. Order custom photo index books and literately hundreds of other photo products to share and save your special memories directly from
In addition to knowing you are preserving your family treasures you can also email photos and upload to the Internet with ease.
Don’t let ‘the big one’ win!
With, it is easy to be prepared for anything that comes your way.
These thoughts brought to you by
More info:

National Preparedness Month, which is a perfect reminder to us all to put that planning into action. While we might have a few extra canned goods stored, or a copy of our insurance policies in a safe, but what about your photos? One of the most over-looked areas of preventive preservation is backing up our hard-copy photos. When disaster strikes, it is the irreplaceable memories that affect the victims the most. Your wedding album, boxes of photos your children and photos of relatives no longer living are all examples of precious items that need to be cared for responsibly.


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CBS-TV News [CBS 2 & KCAL 9] Profile on How to Scan Photos

Click here to watch.

Watch on CBS News

See what CBS News (CBS 2 and KCAL 9) had to say about during its Tuesday newscast.
Click here to watch
‘Scan My Photos’ Saves Space, Protects Memories IRVINE (CBS)

A disc of 1,000 photos will cost you less than $50.
If you’re looking to save some space around the house while protecting some of your most treasured memories, “” can help you get organized.Even if you own a scanner, it would take an eternity to upload the thousands — or even tens of thousands — of photos you have taken over your lifetime. “ScanMyPhotos” can place 1,000 photos on a disc for less than $50. Grabbing a handful of discs would be much easier than trying to lug boxes of photos to your car in the event of an emergency. The Irvine-based company’s impressive scanners can make discs in less than an hour, and they even upgrade the quality of your photos.
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