Photo Marketing Association Convention [PMA 09] Providing Instant News on Twitter

Photo Marketing Association Convention [PMA 09] Providing Instant News on Twitter Keep up with PMA 09 news and contribute your own on Twitter, other sites Keeping up with PMA 09 has just gotten a lot easier, with social media like Twitter. PMA has several active Twitter accounts bringing news to attendees. Want to keep up with PMA 09 announcements? You can click on this link to see the PMA 09 posts made so far.

If you have your own Twitter account, and want to get in on the action, use the hash tag #PMA09 to make sure your PMA 09 tweets are included! Below are some PMA Twitter accounts to start with: — PMA Membership Info — PMA Press announcements – PMA magazine information — DIMA information — SPAA — sports photography info — PSPA School Photographer

Info — PMA Exhibitor info Follow

PMA editors as they cover the show: To follow PMA “photographically,”

try the PMA Flickr account: PMA 09 group photo pool: PMA photostream: To watch PMA videos, visit the

PMA YouTube channel or PMA TV: YouTube: PMA TV: [source:

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