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Here is one of those hidden treasures in appreciate for reading our blog. Check back often for other super-special deals. The best word-of-mouth promotion is when we help each other. Just share your experience from having ScanMyPhotos.com preserve up to 1,000 4×6″ photos and the scanning is on us. It is instant (same day scanning) and free – pay just $19.95 for return S&H.

What is the catch?

We just ask that you post a candid review of your experience on one of the leading social networking sites. Are you a Facebookaholic? Mad about MySpace? Flocking to Flickr? Batty for Blogger? Typing on Twitter? Well, good for you, because ScanMyPhotos.com is again offering its popular free photo scanning just for social network lovers. Current members of Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Blogger and Flickr can have up to 1,000 4×6 non-copyrighted photos scanned and saved digitally without any charge for the service. Network socialites still have to pay $19.95 for shipping and handling. This super affordable and fast photo scanning service alone usually costs $49.95.

Mitch Goldstone, president and CEO of ScanMyPhotos.com said the networkers get such a rich deal because they “represent the most cutting-edge and innovative group of consumers. Just like ScanMyPhotos.com, they are tech-savvy and always seeking to catch the next wave of excitement and help create the type of buzz that launched the iPhone and other popular Internet-age products and compelling services.”

The deal ends on January 5, 2008 and cannot be applied to prior orders and only can be used for standard photographic print scans. But, you can add on all types of other innovative paid services, like:




Free scanning applies only to current members of Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Blogger and Flickr to scan up to 1,000 4×6″ non-copyrighted photo snapshots, plus pay standard shipping and handing fee of $19.95. Valid only for direct mail customers in the U.S. Limited to one complimentary scanning service per person / address. Cannot be combined with other orders. Expires on January 5, 2009. The completed official order form must accompany your mailed in photos (no walk-in free scanning service is available).

Click here for complete, mandatory packing instructions

Photographs must comply with ordering requirements and be loose, non-copyrighted, out of envelopes and albums and without any sticky glue, curls, non-horizontal or standard Polaroid-type shapes, or other conditions that would impede scanning.

See blog for more info: Tales from the World of Photo Scanning

To start, click here to download the official order form

You must fulfill your end of the deal by writing a blog-posting to review your experience on one of those social networking sites mentioned above within five-days after receiving your completed order, or you will be charged the $49.95 scanning fee.

ScanMyPhotos.com pioneered a new way to affordably and quickly digitize millions of analog pictures by commercializing KODAK’s document imaging scanners.

Website: ScanMyPhotos.com

Blog: Tales from the World of Photo Scanning

Any questions, ask away on the company’s free 24/7 Live Support  help desk


Two-Minutes to Prepare 10,000 Photos for Scanning With Kodak Technology at ScanMyPhotos.com

ScanMyPhotos.com Website

Did you know: The average household has more than 10,000 photos in shoeboxes, spanning generations that need to be digitized, but how?

(Irvine, CA) — Free shipping and scanning 10,000 photographs for $495.00 with same day turnaround is the next “new-new thing” in digital imaging, according to the Photo Preservation Center, which says “many households collectively have more than 10,000 analogy photo snapshots stored away in shoeboxes.” [click here to order].

The problem was how to safely and affordably have an entire family’s generations of pictures scanned and mailed back the same day?

To help promote photo scanning and solve the challenge, today, the Photo Preservation Center is launching The Great American Photo Scanning Project. Its goal is to scan millions of pictures through local photo retailers which are networked through directories on two leading photo imaging associations and through the nationwide ScanMyPhotos.com service for high-volume scanning. (See http://www.PhotoPreservation.org).

ScanMyPhotos.com, which commercialized super-fast photo scanning and provides a menu of other digital imaging services is hosting an upgraded program for The Great American Photo Scanning Project. With a few clicks on the keyboard, in under two-minutes, consumers start the process to have 10,000 of their photos scanned when they order the Family Generations Collection prepaid boxes. Afterwards, they design their own photo albums from their scanned photo memories.

“The Kodak scanning and software technology that powers ScanMyPhotos.com provides for safe, fast, affordable and reliable service. Now, it’s as fast as a few clicks on the ScanMyPhotos.com website to order either a single or multiple prepaid fill-the-box service,” said Mitch Goldstone, president and CEO of ScanMyPhotos.com and chairman of the Photo Preservation Center.

Then, just like the celebrated Kodak slogan, “You Press the Button We Do the Rest,” the newest service includes safely sending out six co-branded U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail prepaid boxes. Combined, it supports more than 10,000 standard photographs that consumers pack up and drop off at their local Post Office. ScanMyPhotos.com does the rest with same day scanning and return. Their Family Generation Collection includes two complimentary custom photo memory albums designed using ScanMyPhotos.com’s online digital imaging service.

The ScanMyPhotos.com Family Generation Collection includes:
  • Pay just $495.00 for six prepaid boxes that combined hold 10,000 standard photo snapshots, Same day fulfillment, scanning and return of the completed DVDs and original photos,

  • + All Shipping and handling included, + One set of DVD data discs that archives each (300 dpi) jpeg image, + Two Photo Memory Albums that the customer designs, chooses the photos, journals with custom text and adds their selected backgrounds and templates to personalize each hardcover bound album using the ScanMyPhotos.com online photo imaging service.

    ScanMyPhotos.com is famous for its digital imaging and nationwide fill-the-box scanning, but was faced with a challenge to expand the service after its involvement with the recent 2008 Artistry of Genealogy Awards. According to Goldstone, “the genesis for the expanded 10,000 prepaid photo scanning service was based on many family historians asking for even larger packages to ship their photos in. They liked the flat-fee and same day service, but wanted something more.”
    More info, see ScanMyPhotos.com. For daily news and super-savings updates, visit their Blog: Tales from the World of Photo Scanning (http://www.Blog.ScanMyPhotos.com). The Photo Preservation Center is sponsored by ScanMyPhotos.com.