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New Family History Themed Mixbook Photo Albums You Design Online in Minutes!
Beautiful custom photo albums from your newly scanned pictures and all digital images – Always free to design and share online!

AutoMix is our latest and greatest feature, allowing anyone to create a photobook in mere seconds. It is simple and easy to use, and completely revolutionary. Using innovative technology, we’ve created a way to lay out all your photos in a beautiful and ready-to-print book. Just pick a theme, select some photos, and you’re done! You can edit it how you like by adding text, changing the backgrounds, and customizing it until you’re satisfied. AutoMix makes creating a photobook easier than ever before!

You can enjoy your photobooks online and share them with the world by embedding our Mixbook player on your website or blog. Just use the sharing tool bar or copy and paste the simple embed code located on your profile. It’s that easy! Now your family and friends can marvel at your creativity!

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How to make your own photo albums

How to make your own photo books


Watch this Photo Marketing Association (PMA) video and then get ready to order your own photo albums. and its parent company have been active members in PMA since 1990.
Tell the story of your family’s and friend’s most special adventures with our keepsake photo albums. Choose from different options and personalize with your favorite photos. will then complete and mail your order within minutes – we are super-fast and affordable.

Make your photo memories last forever. After you have your entire generations of analog snapshots scanned at, you can easily order custom photo index books or design your own beautiful photo albums online at or at our retail location. And, just like benefiting from the company’s same day photo scanning service, your photo albums are completed and mailed back the same day too.

Choose from our extensive selection of colorful page designs, photo layouts and personalized service to create your own classic photo book that tells your story. When you need some assistance, ring us on our free 24/7 Live Support help desk, email, or call our headquarters in California, 949-474-7654.

Create a memento that captures all your photo memories. Choose from a variety of options and personalize it with your favorite photos. Then order copies for everyone. This is the ultimate personalized gift idea that shows you really worked long and hard to be unique.


We provide you with custom photo book software online and at our California-based retail photo center with Kodak kiosk easy-to-use instant designs. Then, your photo albums are manufactured and fulfilled just moments after you complete the order. There is no waiting. With FedEx return, your completed photo albums are at your home the next day. We make professional quality photo albums with hundreds of custom template designs and infinite styles that are personalized by you – just the way you want it.


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New Ways To Share Your Photo Memories

Visit and the newly enhanced online photo ordering to instantly design photo greeting cards, 5×7″ folded cards, photo albums, pictures and more.


My projects aways saved and backed up
This exciting new feature is the ultimate safety net for you. “My Projects” is a new tab that lets you create any specialty photo product order. Your new “project” is also automatically created. These projects remain available on the “My Projects” page until you place an order. Then, the order automatically moves to your shopping cart or you can choose to delete the project. This added convenience is a safe haven when you are working on a photo book, but can’t finish it right now, or if you accidentally exit the browser, or your PC crashes. It’s not a problem. Just log back into your account and resume your photo book by going to the “My Projects” page. Your project contains a virtual second-by-second snap-shot of all your specialty products’ work in process. When you return, your project will be just as you left it . No need to save your projects – we do that instantly and in real time for you.

Easy photo sharing
Sharing is automatic and a smart way to keep people in touch with you and your photo memories. Now, it is super easy. Instantly share your photos and projects with friends and family. You can create a calendar or poster of this season’s soccer team and share it with other parents. Share your family photo book with your relatives and with any other member or non-member. Anyone viewing your projects can modify the photo projects that they see. They can move a photo from their son’s first bicycle ride from November to January and leave other photos alone. Only their project will reflect that change and then they can instantly order custom photo calendars and other photo products directly from the photo lab service with same business day fulfillment.

How to design your own photo album
Say you took hundreds of photos during your recent cruise. But, you are “design challenged” and are unsure how to share and print your pictures. You can share your photos with a friend or best yet, a teenage relative who is tech-savvy. They can view your photos and instantly design the custom photo album that you order at It’s that easy and fast. But, whenever you encounter any challenges, use the 24/7 Live Support help desk to instantly solve any questions. If you have an upcoming 50th wedding anniversary in your family and had us scan thousands of special photo memories, share them with your distribution list. Each recipient can view and organize the photos in chronological order and create custom themed photo albums using the same template on each page. Or, you can change the font, style and design and make this a family-wide project. Everyone can help design and edit the photo book, even if they are located thousand of miles apart.

More unique photo gift ideas
Make photo posters, collage enlargements, Kodak-quality reprints, photo calendars, folded photo cards, bordered prints and photo books. Order the finished products at and share samples with your family and friends. fulfills all your orders with instant, same business day service.

Folded photo greeting cards
See all the new 5×7″ folded greeting card choices at We have generic and year-round themed portrait and landscape template designs and beautiful ideas on how to create the most memorable card ever! And, it is less costly and more personal then buying store bought cards.

Learn more, click here Online Photo Lab Services

Your Online Digital Print Photo Lab:
Turn your digital files into Kodak-quality prints


Photo Book
4×8 Photo Card
as low as 59¢
5×7 Folded Photo Card
as low as 65¢
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All New Photo Experience: Just for you, our redesigned online photo and photo gift service. PhotoCentral 3 is the exciting new, improved online service from ScanMyPhotos that lets you View, Edit, Share, Print and Archive your digital photos. PhotoCentral 3 features an all-new, tabbed interface that simplifies navigation and online ordering. Orders are ready in minutes at our Orange County, California retail photo center, or mailed back the same business day. The hundreds of unique products and features from our retail photo kiosks are now easy to load onto your computer. In minutes, you design super-easy photo scrap booking pages, wall-art, photo calendars, photo books, photo greeting cards and hundred of other innovative and extraordinary products to share and save your photo memories.


Upload your photos to our site, create albums to order prints from or share with others. It’s the quick and easy way to let others view your photos of family and friends or that special occasion, such as a wedding, vacation or birthday.


Choose the photos you want to print, what size and quantity you want. Hit send and your order is sent to our Irvine, California headquarters for processing. All orders received by 2PM Pacific Time will be printed the same day.

Everyone loves to share their pictures. But not everyone is as careful with your prints as you are. You want to protect them for years to come. Don’t worry! Prints from ScanMyPhotos are coated with KODAK XTRALIFEtm lamination to be especially durable. Real KODAK pictures with XTRALIFEtm lamination are waterproof. Just wiped the water off — no damage to the quality of the picture. So fingerprints, smudges, liquids, and even mustard will wipe right off.


PHOTO BOOKS: Create custom Photo Books to tell your story in a fun way that is ideal for both presentation and preservation of your memories. You choose the page layout from many different templates, add text and edit your photos. Don’t just show your photos, tell the story with them instead. Great for photos from weddings, vacations, parties or just for fun!

PHOTO GREETING CARDS: Photo greeting cards are a great way to share your photos. Custom cards for every occasion and holiday. Create the traditional one-sided 4×8 photo card or all new custom 5×7 folded cards with your photos and your custom text. Its like having your own greeting card company at your fingertips. Envelopes are included with every order and cards are as low as 59 cents per card.


Our new store lets you crop, zoom, pan, grayscale, and antique your online photos. You can even remove red-eye with one button click. You can undo any edits and even revert to the original photo at any time.

The new interface features a new WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) photo cropping tool that’s part of the Print Order page. You can now crop your photos, in the aspect ratio of the print size just ordered, without leaving the Print Order page.


You can share any album to a family member or friend with your customized message and even features an Address Book where you can define groups like My Friends, My Family, Baseball Mothers, etc… – you can share to everyone in any group with a single click.

You can specify the caption, people, event, date, place, and even rate your online photos. We call this photo tagging. And you can search your albums and albums shared to you for matches to these tags. It will display the found photos in a custom view – you can even save this view to a new album. And share it!

Album owners and their share recipients can add a running commentary to any photo in an album. We call them Yaks. And anytime a yak has been added to a photo, the owner and last yakker get notified by email. The recipient clicks a link in the email and gets sent directly to the yakked photo.


The look, the feel, and the fun of the new ScanMyPhotos are identical on Macintosh and Windows computers using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome.


Download and install our all new iPhoto (Mac) or Picasa (PC) plug-in and you can export your photos from the two most popular photo organization programs directly to ScanMyPhotos. It’s free and easy. Edit the photos your way, upload only the photos you want and have them printed, instantly.