How to Order Custom Photo Albums With 1000’s of Styles

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What is a photo book?
 A photo book is the next evolution of the photo album using your digital photos brought to you by, partnering with Our photobook creator was designed to be easy to use and all online – no software download is necessary. We offer hundreds of layouts and backgrounds to choose from along with customizable frames and text to make your book beautiful. Just pick a layout, drag-and-drop your photos into the photo slots, and edit to your heart’s content. Photo books are free to create and share online. Pricing starts at just $6.99 per printed book for soft cover and $19.99 per hard cover.
  • Free Online Editor – No download needed and no software to buy. You are only charged if you purchase a book
  • Photo Zoom – zoom in on any photo and move it to place the photo within the frame
  • Photo Rotation – rotate your photos in the photo slots
  • Custom Frames – choose from our selection, or make your own frame by editing the thickness, color, and fill
  • Custom Color Matching – when selecting background colors and text colors, you can drag the tiny eyedropper tool anywhere on the page to match the colors
  • Transparent Text Boxes and Backgrounds – Change the transparency of backgrounds and the color of text boxes
  • Photo Integration – take photos from sites like Flickr, Facebook, and Yahoo! Photo search to use in your Mixbook

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Instant AutoMix Book – Short on time? Let the Mixbook software create a book for you that can then be edited to your liking. It does most of the work for you and you just make tweaks as you see fit.

Create a photo book for every occasion:

Family History Photo Album
Wedding Photo Books
Baby Memory Books
School Yearbooks
Wedding Guest Books
Wedding Scrapbooks
Baby Scrapbook How is it different than the photo index book?
The photo book is designed by you through using our templates to create a memory book of an event or special occasion. They are great for gifts or as a way to tell a story with your photos. The photo index book is designed to help you organize your photos by creating a thumbnail image of your photo along with the file name to create an easy way to catalog your photo memories.
Learn more about the photo index book.

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Create your own Photo Book from scratch! (entirely using Mixbook software)

Even more ways you can use photo books:
Many people are creating impressive and treasured family history photo books. They gather photographic material and prints from across the country and the world. The format, quality and condition of these vary enormously in the amount of care and effort in putting these together. If you plan to use a lot of old prints, slides or negatives, you will need the right scanner for your needs. Or you can use a scanning service, which will save you a lot of time.

If you are about to renovate, remodel or decorate your home, use photo books to tell the story. Do a before-and-after series on facing pages. Learn how to place a tripod for identical positioning. For interior shots, lower the viewing height, and point the camera level to avoid those converging doorways and walls. Include pictures of yourself and others working on the renovation, as part of the story.

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Need a last minute gift? How about a simple photo book? Just make sure the book is one the recipient will enjoy receiving and will value, not just politely keep in a drawer and bring out when you visit them.

If you take a lot of good photographs for a family wedding, then this can make for a wonderful photo book. And you can add in other pictures of the happy couple as they first met, and on early dates, as part of the story. You can determine the style and quality that will allow you to make copies for the closest family members and friends. If funds are tight, maybe each person who wants one could offer to pay for their own, much as people do when they order from the photographer.

Sharing the news and pictures of a new baby can be done with a little photo book. It does not have to be a huge production or expensive – there are many simple and budget-priced books that can be chosen from.

A wonderful and caring approach is to create a tribute or memory book for a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Here are a few tips… Caption and group the pictures to make sense for them. For example, someone with dementia is likely to be prompted by the inscription they once wrote on the back of a photo, even if it is cryptic to others. Be careful adding your own interpretations. But do add in names of others in the pictures and their relationships to your loved one. Maybe some added explanation and facts.

This can help you and the caregivers go through the book over and over again with your loved one, and for it to be a fresh experience every time.

It’s important for children need to see photos of themselves and their parents, and images of their grandparents at younger ages. They get a much better sense of their own identity through seeing their place in the larger family.

What better way to do this than give them their own family history book loaded with characters and stories? Pictures with captions, and more detailed stories they will grow into as they learn to read. They will be able to share this with their friends and classmates. Keep the separate set of digital originals on file, so that if a book is lost or damaged, you can easily have another made up from the same images.

So, with the range of books, styles, quality, formats and services available to you, whether online or at your local camera store, you can take advantage of this and create wonderful bound books, for whatever purpose you need.

NOTE: This is not the custom “Photo Index Book.” For information about the Photo Index Book, please click here


Some of the newly added features:


Data Recovery: How to Recover Your Lost Digital Files


We have all experienced it, the panic that one feels when you accidentally hit “Delete All” instead of “Delete Image”. Perhaps you insert your card into your computer and it says, “The disc is not formatted, would you like to format now?” The most important thing to remember is if you’ve lost your digital images, DON’T PANIC. Stop doing anything more to the card.

You made the switch to digital to preserve your photos and now they are gone. can help. Send us your media and let us try to recover the files for you instead of losing hope that your European vacation is lost. searches your media at a low level to recover and rescue corrupted or lost data from damaged, unreadable, or defective disks. We are optimized to recover your photo image data but can also recover data and movie files. In some cases, we can even rebuild pictures that have suffered minor corruptions.We can recover data from:, headquartered in Irvine, California will place your recovered files onto a DVD data disc and return your media card with the DVD. While data recovery is not guaranteed, if your card is damaged, corrupted, or has been formatted, is the best data-recovery solution you can get for your lost photos. See pricing below.

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Best of LA: Selected for “Our Favorite Things!”



Thanks to the editors at Los Angeles Magazine (August edition) for profiling as one of your favorite things.





























Overview of The Best of LA: Reporting for Best of L.A. involves lurking and surreptitious note taking. It requires undercover visits to spas and bars, blind tasting carrot cakes from 15 bakeries, and investigating fishing holes. For the past few months we (34 reporters in all) roamed the city—sampling, questioning, comparing, debating. The results are in: We have determined the best cheese plate, children’s theater, ethnic vegan restaurant, and beach for novice surfers. We discovered that best doesn’t always mean most expensive. Accolades this year go to a cheap brow job, a Laundromat, a tuna melt, and jewelry under $300. So kick back and enjoy the fruits of our fun labors.

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Create Your Own Photo Cards in Seconds

JUST FOR YOU: We just added 100s of new photo greeting card templates so you can instantly design memorable photo cards for every occasion. Our super-fast online ordering is complimented with a super-low rate of as low as 59-cents per card in larger quantities. Best yet, use our free 24/7 live support help desk to assist with your order.

A photo greeting card is a great way to send your customized year-round wishes along with a photograph to your family and friends.

Travel, weddings, anniversaries, moving, and dozens of other themed messages are a click away.
Each card is 4″x8″, includes a space for your photo and custom text, and includes gold foil envelopes with every order. Choose from many different designs as you celebrate the holidays and year-round occasions. Prices are as low as 59¢ per card. It’s fast and easy.  All orders are completed and mailed back, or ready for pickup at our southern California retail photo center the same business day.

Click hereand follow the prompts to create your very own custom 4×8″ photo greeting card in seconds. It’s the fewest clicks to card creation on the Internet.



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Limit one winner per Twitter address selected and the certificate will be mailed to the address provide when we DM (“direct message”) the winners. We make no warranties and this is not an implied contract. Winners must comply with all requirements, including how to prepare photos, limit of liability and copyright rules posted at Must mail in box for scanning within 365-days from receipt. MUST BE RESIDENT OF U.S. and mailed to only U.S. domestic USPS address.
Any questions, reach us on our 24/7 Live Support help desk or email: – “Pictures are Everything… We Make Yours Last a Lifetime and More”


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OSTA Recommends Protecting Digital Images


NEWS RELEASE (click for more info)


CUPERTINO, Calif., Feb 24, 2009 — When people are facing a natural disaster like Hurricane Katrina roaring up the Gulf or the San Diego fires cascading through the city, the call to evacuate results in a rapid sorting of priorities. Often it comes down to how much you can fit in your car. Space is at a premium, and children and pets typically get top priority. After that, most people consider what things hold special memories that would be hard to replace … High on this list is the family photo collection. You would assume that people have prepared for this possibility by storing their photos in a way that they are not only protected but also easy to transport, but this is often not the case.

When a disaster is imminent people often grab their computer, desktop or notebook, and load it in their car. What people don’t realize is that there is a much simpler alternative: carrying copies of their important files and digital images on CD or DVD discs.

“When you consider that you can copy nearly 3000 photo images on a DVD that costs less than a dollar, it would seem to be a logical solution,” says David Bunzel, President of the Optical Storage Technology Association (OSTA). Optical discs are not only a great way to protect your photos and archive them, but they are also simpler to carry than boxes of photos or large albums.

But what about these albums and boxes of photos? They represent important memories but are often too bulky to easily transport. There is a solution for this: scanning photos and saving the resulting images on DVD discs. Often people put this off because of the time involved in converting large quantities of photos to digital images.

A California-based company,, recognized that people would not necessarily do this themselves but might consider a service if the price was right. Mitch Goldstone, President of, notes “When people can have their family photo collection preserved for less five cents a print, it is an easy decision.” The company simplified the process, providing a box for customers to put up to 1800 4×6 photos inside to be mailed to its processing center.

People often have insurance to protect against disasters, but limited documentation to support their claims delays the process. Having a home inventory of personal belongings preserved as digital photos is of critical importance. “Photos are an excellent way to keep account of the entire inventory in your home, especially if you become a victim of a disaster,” noted Jerry Davies, Farmers Insurance Group of Companies spokesman. “The wildfires in California are year-round and having visited claims sites following the 2008 fires, I was very impressed with homeowners who brought their digital photos of the contents of their homes to their claims adjuster meetings. Taking digital photos and placing them on DVDs and storing them in a safe place is very important.”

Making a second or third set of discs is further insurance against disasters. “Carrying your photo collection in an emergency is important, but also having a set of these discs in a bank box or sent to a relative outside of the area is an important way to assure your critical files or digital images are not lost forever,” says David Bunzel.

About OSTA:

OSTA was incorporated as an international trade association in 1992 to promote the use of recordable optical technologies and products. For more information see or

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